MC Purcell Sonata In 4 Parts 2 In E Flat Major

Date: Mar 29, 2010
Artist : Freeplay Music
Label : Master Classics
Composers: Arranged By: Leonard Handler , BMI(0.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaymusic, BMI(50.00%)
Pleasantville Music Publishing, BMI(50.00%)

Description: When Baroque master Henry Purcell wrote this piece the sonata form was a relatively new concept, but Purcell's mastery of the form is apparent. The part-writing is amazing, with two violins weaving perfectly harmonized lines around the accompaniment of the harpsichord and the bass viol. The thematic structure of the piece has each movement acting as a comment on the last, creating engaging and dramatic movement. Purcell's Sonata in 4 Parts No. 2 is a wonderful example of early sonata writing as well as a representative work from one of Western music's greatest composers.

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