Brazilian Nights Volume 1

Date: Aug 16, 2011
Artist : N/A
Label : Freeplay Music
Composers: Eric Roberts, ASCAP(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaynjj, ASCAP(100.00%)

Description: Composer, and Freeplay fave, Eric Roberts is back with a rich and charming collection of Brazilian tracks; "Latin Sunshine" is a lush, serene tune featuring a romantic flute lead, bubbling percussion and a warm outlook. "Carnivale" features sumptuous guitars weaving a spirited samba. "Sao Paulo After Dark" is a moody and seductive track with an air of intrigue on the high seas (or a sunny beach at least) The musicianship is impeccable, the style is enchanting and the tracks breathe with a natural warmth that will add flair and joy to your day, or project.

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