Kids' Songs Volume 3

Date: Aug 30, 2011
Artist : N/A
Label : Freeplay Music
Composers: Arranged By: Ernie Lake, BMI(34.00%)
Arranged By: Josh Katz, BMI(33.00%)
Arranged By: Scott P. Schreer, BMI(33.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaymusic, BMI(33.00%)
Songs of 912 Music, BMI(34.00%)
jknice Music, BMI(33.00%)

Description: Just in time for fall and the new school year, Ernie Lake and the 912 crew bring you a fantabulous and fun collection of classic kids songs on "Kids Songs Volume 3". This is an upbeat and modern take on these well known and beloved tracks, featuring a lovely female lead on vocals and instrumental versions, so you can get everyone singing along!

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