Classic Rock Volume 7

Date: Jul 01, 2014
Artist : Freeplay Music
Label : Freeplay Music
Composers: RM Jackson, SESAC(50.00%)
Rod Weinstein, SESAC(50.00%)
Publishers: Number9, SESAC(25.00%)
Sizzle Music, SESAC(25.00%)
Music Of Freeplay, SESAC(50.00%)

Description: A short volume of classic rock tunes ready for your production use. Some of these track have many different versions, giving you plenty of options to find just what your looking for. Each track in Classic Rock Volume 7 has a style and feeling of its own, from an aggressive hard rock track, to a more laid-back piano ballad. These high quality tracks will help bring your project to the next level. Definitely check these out.

Track Name
Freeplay Music
Freeplay Music
Freeplay Music
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