The Music

Date: Jan 30, 2013
Artist : DJ Rob Deniro
Label : Indie Albums
Composers: Robert J. Morales, ASCAP(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaynjj, ASCAP(100.00%)

Description: Sparkling production textures and gritty urban street beats hit the scene on "The Music," a blazing new set from DJ Rob Dinero. With consummate mixing skills and melodic virtuosity, DJ Rob Dinero pumps up the party on hot club tracks such as "Candy Cane" (Feat. Mike Down & Sean Paul) and "Getting Ready For The Club" (Feat. P.M.) For an ethereal, soul-stirring down-tempo dub, check out "Wish I Could Fly" (Feat. Calibe). "The Music" is stylish set of deftly produced action-packed hip-hop jams sure to get the room moving.

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