Date: Jan 30, 2013
Artist : Hime
Label : Indie Albums
Composers: K. Honda, ASCAP(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaynjj, ASCAP(100.00%)

Description: Hime's album "Ukina" is a kickin' set, ripe with hardboiled beats and grooves, eclectic vocal stylings, and straight-ahead hip hop flavor. The entrancing "Moon and Flower" sets a foreboding tone with delayed vocals and eerie string pads. "Back Home (featuring Looz)" is a dark, morose undergroove with a funky echoing guitar hook and an anxious vibe. Check out "True Survivor (featuring dj honda & Mista Sinista)" for a dark, glistening street beat with an oldschool flavor. The edgy, hard-hitting tracks on "Ukima" provide great scenic backdrops for any production. Check out "Ukima" on Freeplay Indie today!

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