Date: Jan 30, 2013
Artist : Churton
Label : Indie Albums
Composers: Michael Churton, SESAC(100.00%)
Publishers: Music Of Freeplay, SESAC(100.00%)

Description: Delightfully rustic, folksy acoustic tunes are found on "Churton," the fresh new album from Freeplay Indie band Churton. These moody, thoughtful acoustic guitar-and-vocal compositions are characterized by a placid, retrospective daze that lulls and moves the spirit with a delicate grace. "Just One Kiss" is a gleeful, sunny track with an upbeat rock progression. The dark hypnotic melancholy aura of tracks like "Say Less With More" is deep and impermeable. Check "So Sorry" for a funky, laid-back acoustic groove with a swaggering summer feel. The alternately touching and toe-tapping vibes of the tracks on "Churton" will add life and emotion to any situation. Be sure to tune into "Churton," now available on Freeplay Indie.

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